Please make sure that you read and print the following tips so that you can gain the most benefit out of your efforts.

Keep in mind we must keep on schedule and not be late.

Travel arrangements - Air, full size planes only, aisle seat, kosher or Halal meals.

E-Tickets preferred - must call to double check before purchase.

Have someone wait for speaker in the airport with a sign in their hands that has the speaker's name.

Have the Hotel reservation ready before the speaker's arrival with credit card imprint at lobby.

Make sure the Hotel has an elevator if the speaker is above ground floor.

Hotel room should be provided with High Speed Internet service.

Provide a cell phone number to stay in touch during event.

Provide a printed schedule of all events and meetings during the visit, including times & locations.

All Meals must be Halal.

Send a FREE invitation to your Non-Muslim community to attend then event – even if it was at a Masjid, it's OK!

Set up interviews with public relations people / newspeople / TV / Radio.

Provide volunteers to help carry and set up equipment and da'wah materials.

Microphones must be available at ALL locations (even small gatherings).

Laptop computer is needed for all major events / MP3 recorders are ok for small.

The person introducing the speaker must be Islamically properly dressed.

Use the “Biography” section to introduce the speaker to your audience..

All questions from the audience after the lecture “MUST” be presented in written form – verbal questions will not be answered.

Setup video cameras – in fixed position. 2 Cameras recommended. (please do not film the audience – Cameras must have microphones).

Give the speaker a copy of the Audio / Video tapes after the lecture.

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